AT&T Veterans is an independent organization of AT&T employees and retirees dedicated to serving the veteran/military community. We value and appreciate the sacrifice our military men and women provide for our country each and every day, allowing us all a better and safer place to live and grow.

Our members represent the depth of patriotism in our country and the many sacrifices made in support of our freedoms. We pursue activities that support veteran/military causes. We are a tax-exempt, public charity.

Our mission is to enhance the visibility, to improve opportunities and to encourage and facilitate personal and professional growth of African American Employees at AT&T

An AT&T employee resource group that draws on the strength of AT&T's generational diversity to serve the educational and developmental needs of all AT&T employees, and the communities that all AT&T employee resource groups serve.

The name HACEMOS is of significant importance. Translated into English, "We Do" best symbolizes our organization. To do and undertake projects which best serve the interest of our employees, corporation and our community. Our logo shows the employee, corporation and the community of equal importance. HACEMOS is open to all employees of AT&T, and its subsidiaries. Our primary mission is to foster an environment to help each other succeed professionally, personally, and in the community.

LEAGUE at AT&T provides a supportive environment for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees and allies to develop leadership and professional skills. We add value at AT&T by appreciating and promoting diversity in the company and community where we live and work.

oxyGEN is an AT&T employee initiated non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created for the purpose of enhancing understanding, increasing retention, engaging, encouraging and developing leadership skills of AT&T’s employees through cross-generational programs, activities and resources.

Women of AT&T is organized to connect and inspire members to achieve their personal and professional goals and to effect change in the community. Women of AT&T will provide an avenue for women to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities; ensure professional and personal development for continuous growth, advancement and success through education, mentoring, and networking to benefit both the individual as well as the corporation; encourage leadership by providing opportunities to exercise leadership skills; promote awareness of AT&T in the community through active involvement in community-related activities, particularly those community/ charitable activities in support of women; promote an environment that recognizes the value of women's contributions both internal and external to AT&T; and add value to AT&T by being good corporate Ambassadors and improving the image of AT&T in local communities.